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If you have landed here, you already know that Social Media is a powerful tool that can drive more eyeballs to your business, including more loyal customers and conversions!


As a business owner, I know how busy and overwhelming running your business can get. The hours poured into developing, testing, and running a successful social media strategy can get exhausting and sideline you from your core goal as a business owner – scaling your business.


This is where I come to the rescue! 

Having experience in social media copywriting and account management, I can elevate your socials and bring your brand right in front of your target audience’s mind.

Below you can see an overview of the services I provide:

Social Media Management

Whether you’re looking to elevate your social media or simply have free time without worrying that you’re missing out on important opportunities, I guarantee you will find the right social media management package for you and your brand!





Small biz owners, beauty and wellness brands, including personal development and life coaches looking to outsource their social media creation process without breaking the bank!


Social Media Management Packages



Social Media Audit

Content Strategy Plan

Account Glow up (bio & highlights optimization)

3 Posts Per Week + 2 weekly Custom Stories (incl. graphics, copywriting & hashtags)

30 Minutes Engagement (3x p/week)



Social Media Audit

Content Strategy Plan

Account Glow up

5 Posts Per Week + 3 Weekly Custom Stories (incl. graphics, copywriting & hashtags)

Organic Growth Strategy & Community Engagement (30 min, 5 days p/week)



Everything from “LEVEL-UP”

Blog Post Writing (up to 2 p/month)

Email Marketing (up to 2 email blasts p/month)

Reels Creation (up to 2 reels p/month)



Captions writing

Community management and engagement

Instagram audit

Content plan

Blog posts & Articles Creation

Custom Graphics Creation


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