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Did you know that the International Self-Love Day is on the 13th of February?

It’s actually curious to see that the self-love day is right behind Valentine’s Day and Singles Day! But come to think about it – it makes a perfect sense. First, you must learn how to love yourself before loving anyone else. 

And although this 13th of February is all about pampering yourself, self-love comes in many forms! I truly believe that celebrating self-love and self-care should be every day because you deserve to remind yourself how powerful you are.

However, in the light of this year’s Self-Love Day, I will share with you a few ideas on how to celebrate it – even if you’re under a lockdown!

The History of International Self-Love Day

Before we begin, let’s talk about the day – where did it come from? According to sources, a designated day for self-love started with the self-love movement back in the 1950s and 1960s or as called the “Hippie Era”.

Of course, self-love is not a mere 70 years old concept. It can be said that the importance of loving yourself started way before – with the Taoism philosophy, around 601–530 BC. Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophical tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with yourself and nature. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Celebrating self-love day is also a mental health awareness event aiming to boost self-esteem, confidence, and worth.

However, as a celebration, the International Self-Love Day can be traced back to 2013 – with a worldwide event to strengthen the relationship with ourselves.

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Now that you have read a little bit of history, it is time to read how to make the most of it with these self-love ideas:

Pamper yourself

There is no self-love list that doesn’t include the classics – pampering yourself! And as cheesy as it might sound, sometimes all we need is a reminder to do it.

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This self-love day, take some time off and create the perfect SPA day routine to allow you for ultimate relaxation.

And if you want to read how, check my other blog post about The Perfect Spa Day At Home  

Create a mood board with your strengths and accomplishments

Have you ever felt desperate and suffered from an imposter syndrome? This self-love day will tackle all of your insecurities and prove them wrong! An empowering idea that can make you feel good about your skills and everything that makes you amazing is to create a mood board of your strengths and accomplishments!

Gather pictures and colors that resonate with you and your superpowers and assemble your mood board!

For inspiration, check my mood board below:

self-love moodboard portraying your strengths

Once you have done it, I would love to see it! You can send me a DM on my Instagram (@freelancingqueen) with your beautiful mood boards and collages!   

Indulge yourself in your favorite food

It’s self-love day, and you know what is closely related to love? FOOD!

Forget about your diet, and enjoy some of your favorite soul food. Have you been dying to try this new recipe from Tasty? Do it! Have you ever wanted to try that new sushi place? GO for it! I will be cheering you on with pizza (my fave!).

Forgive yourself

If you have been feeling bad about yourself, and you’re constantly bringing yourself down… Let me ask you something: What for?

It is time to make peace with yourself! There is literally no point to punish yourself for things that might be out of your control or things that simply don’t matter…   

I know that forgiving yourself might feel like an impossible task, but it all starts with one kind word in the mirror. Give yourself enough credit – you are here, you are healthy, and you are capable of changing your life!

Binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows

What is a relaxing day without binge-watching Netflix?

I know that this is an everyday activity, but you can make it special! Set the mood for the evening – popcorns or your favorite snack, comfy clothes and blanket, dimmed lights and even aroma candles can really make a difference. Now all you have to do is watch all of your guilty pleasures – cry, laugh, and genuinely relax!  

Spend the day on your hobby

Do you have a hobby that you love doing, but never find the time? Now is the perfect moment for it! Practice your favorite hobby and make the most of the day by being creative. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, if you enjoy doing it – just do it!

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And if you have no hobby – explore new ones! There are hundreds of things for you to do! I don’t really have a hobby besides gaming. Still, I have always been fascinated by candle-making and just ordered my candle-making kit! The point is that you can pick any hobby and see if it for you.

Invest in yourself

For me, the ultimate self-love act is to invest in your growth. When you invest in yourself, you allow yourself to create a better future and live in abundance!

Now is the perfect time to pick that new professional development course, expand your biz to the next level, and invest in yourself!

However, investing in yourself doesn’t have to be money-related. There are so many opportunities that you can do for free!  You can even invest in your own peace (something I have been doing) by creating boundaries.   

Treat yourself

Especially now, online shopping is so tempting! But hey, if you love something – put it in your card, because YOU deserve it!

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There are always big sales around Valentine’s Day, so I always make sure to treat myself to something new and needed – or at least that’s what I am saying to my boyfriend. 😉  

Celebrate it with someone

Just because it’s SELF-love, doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone! Have a cosy night in with your bae, or call your girlfriends for a fun afternoon of pampering and laughing. And if the pandemic doesn’t allow – you can always host virtual parties via Zoom!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you’re enjoying yourself!

Self-Love Affirmations

10 self-love affirmations

I love and truly believe in affirmations! Although my morning routine might not be the best, I always start the day with daily affirmations and manifest my dream life! Because I believe in the power of writing, I always make sure to write them somewhere and read them.

A few of my favorite self-love affirmations to keep you thriving are:

  1. I am in control of my happiness
  2. I am the creator of my life
  3. I find opportunities that best suit me
  4. I am deeply in love with myself
  5. I am capable of self-love and self-acceptance
  6. I accept myself the way I am
  7. I am beautiful inside and out
  8. There is nothing I hate in myself
  9. I let go of my past and create a better future
  10. I am open to abundance, and the abundance is looking for me
  11.  I believe in myself and my skills
  12. There is nothing stopping to achieving my best life
  13. I respect myself and know how to say NO
  14. I have the power to forgive myself and love myself for it
  15. The only approval I need is my own
  16. I am invested in succeeding
  17. I am on a constant journey of self-development and unconditional love
  18. I have found the light that is bringing me peace
  19. The universe supports my decisions, and I feel at ease
  20. I choose to nourish and love my health

In the end, it turns out that this guide is not only about the International Self-Love Day, but about any day where you need that extra bit of self-affection!

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