8 Ways to Declutter Your Mind And Regain Motivation

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Have the winter blues fogged your decision making and focus, or perhaps it is the accumulated stress? It is time to declutter your mind!

A cluttered and messy workspace or home is bad, but a cluttered mind is so much worse. Not only do you lose focus and feel fidgety when your mind is cluttered, but your thoughts are floating everywhere. In the end, you just end up frustrated and not doing anything productive at all!

And we all hate that, right?  

What Is Causing Mental Clutter?

Mental clutter is when you have a thought-overload, and your motivation to get stuff done is barely there. However, it can also make you self-sabotage yourself and your success, disallow you to seek abundance and haze your clarity.

Unfortunately, it can be caused by literally anything that disrupts your inner peace. However, there are 4 main culprits that can be causing disruption in your creativity and productivity:


It is no surprise that stress lies in every mental and physical problem in our lives. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you will most likely feel like you’re in a neverending rut, and every day is a reason for you to be stressed.


If you are constantly multitasking, it is impossible not to get mentally cluttered. With each task you’re helplessly trying to finish, your thoughts will get intertwined, leading to burnout.

Having too much on your plate

Having too much on your plate is definitely a motivation killer and a sure way to get mental clutter. When you’re constantly busy, taking on too many tasks at the same time, and running out of time, you are not only going to get cluttered but also stressed.

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And if you’re finally ready to declutter your mind, I have listed the top things that can allow you to regain your clarity and peace:

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Seriously don’t multitask. I know that we, gals, are particularly good at this, but we should save our strength!

Focusing on only one thing at a time will not only improve your productivity levels but also declutter your mind because you will have undivided attention towards only ONE thing.

I know that focusing on only one thing is impossible sometimes, especially as business owners. So if you need to work on several things throughout the day, make sure to block your time for them. Don’t forget to take breaks in between each task. This will allow you to approach every project with a clearer mind.

Prioritize Your Self-Care

Repeat after me:

You are important – your body and mind should be your first priority.

Don’t feel bad for taking a break. This will only help you see your work clearer and from a new perspective.

making self-care a priority to declutter your mind

Make sure to schedule “me time” to boost your creativity levels. Recharge your energy and passion. It will let you learn, develop, and enhance your creativity. Never overwhelm your mind with stress, pressure, and doubts. Don’t forget that when your mind is relaxed, it becomes more open to better ideas.

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Organize Your Mind and Your Space

How many times have you felt so refreshed and motivated after cleaning out your workplace? Do the same with your mind – ignore anything that is unrelated or that doesn’t depend on you.

Organizing your mind means managing all of your ideas more efficiently. Every time you think of a new idea, jot it down in a journal or paper. List your things to do and any idea that pops in your head.

Want to learn how to become more productive:

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Now, now, don’t forget about your workplace. Working in a tidy and organized workplace can help increase your productivity levels and make you feel so good.

Change It Up

The key to decluttering your mind is switching up your routine.

Even if you have the best intentions, there are times when you fall into that zombie-like state of monotonous online surfing and social media scrolling. Once this happens, it means that it is time to change your course. Grab a cup of coffee or take a quick stroll. If you can, get a power nap to help break those patterns and reset your thoughts.

You don’t have to feel guilty about such changes because these can help your brain get to work once you give it its much-needed space to breathe.

Search for Creativity

You can literally find inspiration everywhere you go – in nature, in your work environment, your community, family, and friends. You just have to be open to it and embrace it once it hits you! Besides, it’s a great way to declutter your mind from everything that is holding you back.

creativity to declutter your mind

A few ways to find rays of creativity are:

If meditating is your cup of tea, you can start the day with a few minutes of mindful meditation. This can help you clear your mind and welcome stress-free thoughts. If meditation is out of the question (don’t worry, I never really had the patience for it), spending some quiet time with yourself is enough. Look around you, write in your journal, or read a good book.

You can do all of these with no need to stress yourself out. You can look for inspiration and boost your motivation by trying any or all of these. Start your workday with a sense of positivity, gratitude, and hope.

Just Breathe

Sometimes, all you have to do is just… breathe in and out. There are so many breathing techniques that can calm your mind, release tension, and even – bring back that creative mind of yours!

If you have ever done yoga, you will know how important breathing is. One of my favorite ways to practice deep breathing is by going somewhere quiet and focus on my breathing. If you can – go and do it! Once you get comfy, it is time to take a full breath through your nose and let the air fill your belly. Place your hand on your stomach and the other on your heart – you can also do it while laying down (I prefer it that way). Breathe out through your pursed lips. Repeat a few more times, or until you feel more at ease.

In Healthline, you can find many other ways to practice deep breathing and reduce stress!

Journal your thoughts

If you’re feeling cluttered, maybe your thoughts are all over the place!

journaling to declutter your mind

By journaling, you can dump all of your thoughts in one place and explore what creates that block. The more you write, the more you will see a pattern that points to your clutter – find it and eliminate it.

Journaling is also great to improve your mood and reduce stress because you release yourself from all the thoughts that are floating in your mind = a clean slate.  

Don’t let clutter control your life! Choose to release yourself from the negativity and live happy and motivated life!

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  1. Self-care is so important, as for the rest of these!

    1. Absolutely agree with you! Self-care should always be a priority 🙂

  2. I can definitely relate to this! This time of year is always a bit of a struggle for me in terms of motivation and staying positive but you bring up excellent points about avoiding multi-tasking and physical clutter in the environment. Thank you so much for sharing this important post! 🙂

    1. I’m happy you liked it! Hope you feel a little less decluttered soon!😊

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