5 HOT Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021

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Social Media Marketing is ever-changing and new trends are starting to take shape in 2021.


Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and a core part of any advertising strategy and daily routines (you bet I’m spending hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram).

To say that many of us are obsessed with it, and it’s the first thing we do in the morning is to check how our brand life is going wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

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But let’s face it, social media plays a major role in the success of our business. But the one pitfall of social media marketing is that there’s SO MUCH content already published from our competitors. And it can be difficult for you to shine if you don’t have a transparent social media promoting strategy and don’t know the trends.

This includes staying updated on the newest social media trends that will fuel your strategy and cause you to stand out!

Luckily, I got you – with the hottest 2021 social media marketing trends that are worth investing your time in:

Networking on LinkedIn

News flash: LinkedIn is not only for finding job offers or just sprinkling it on your website social buttons.

With LinkedIn, you can build real relationships built on mutual respect and (of course) interest.

So, this being said, in 2021, marketers can specialize in building relationships instead of collecting connections whose sole purpose is to drop a promotion after two interactions. Real associations begin once there is a relationship between each party, making them feel valued.

Pro tip:

Start making an effort into building purposeful, long relationships on LinkedIn that aren’t perceived as transactional. The result will be a stronger relationship and an avenue for people to trust you and your offers.

Versatile Methods Fuel Facebook Ads Success

Typically, Facebook advertisers experience a forceful reduction in advertising costs once customers can’t order online or look in-store for vacation gifts. There’s a sweet spot between the decrease in market competition and also the decline in shopper expenditure.

Once the holiday season is over, purchases tend to shift from gift-giving to improvement. Besides traditional conditions, customers turn toward investments that improve their lives as they create New Year’s resolutions and arrange to keep them.

Pro tip:

My best recommendation is to have a grasp of Facebook advertising fundamentals so that you’ll be able to adapt the strategy consequently and also be versatile.

If you are looking to expand your social media knowledge, I strongly recommend Shaw’s Academy Social Media Marketing Certification course. You can request a free trial for 28 days and have access to all of their courses!

Facebook Advertising Success

The online marketplace continues to flood, and Facebook’s advertising price is on the increase.

Returning to the initial aspects of running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will be critical to success. Running successful ad campaigns depends on accurately assessing the client’s life cycle and the average client’s worth so that you can understand precisely how much you will pay for a lead and still remain profitable.

Start by evaluating your past customers’ records and making a list, checking the way a lot of your average client spends with you and how much worth of goods they bought.

Use that info to create your projections and a Facebook advertising strategy that reflects your true client information.

You’ll then be able to develop innovative ad campaigns that play to Facebook’s preferences with ability. 

Facebook is giving more prominence to Reels on Instagram.

Pro tip:

I predict that video ads will convert higher than pictures. I’ve tested ads that featured a picture with audio, a static image, a moving image, and a video. And discovered that the ad with video peaked at a maximum amount of 0.5 more than the others’ impact.

Check videos, GIFs, and Reels in your ads to check that they perform best together with your ideal customers.

Instagram SEO Drives Organic Visibility

For 2021, particularly with Instagram marketing, there two prominent social media marketing trends – making your content for Instagram SEO and Reels.

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After rolling out their newest feature – Instagram Guides, in November 2020, it was announced that Instagram would become more search-friendly. Now, you can look for a keyword within the search bar without using hashtags, where relevant videos, profiles, and posts will be shown.

This may be game-changing for marketers as we must always expect multiplied opportunities for further reach on posts!

Pro tip:

My recommendation is to use this update as an early advantage and create specific captions that will embrace relevant keywords. These keywords will help Instagram establish what’s on your posts and recommend it to your audience.


If you run an Instagram account for your bag business, you’ll wish to specialize in posting content concerning the bag and avoid content that is not related.

Alternative ways to help you show up in search within your category is to start following similar accounts and adding a related keyword to your name in your bio!

Have Personality For YouTube Growth

brand voice components

Online business is exploding, and YouTube is not any exception. Several channels—even newer channels—are seeing exponential growth straight away. Throughout this growth, differentiation is going to be vital to standing out and reaching your ideal customers.

As YouTube becomes saturated with topical niches, it’s becoming more personality-centric. This suggests your most precious differentiator is your distinctive personality. Leaning into what causes you to be different and injecting that into your channel from day one can build it easier to draw in and build constancy with a new audience on YouTube.

Pro tip:

Literally, have a personality! Before starting your YouTube channel, make sure to establish your brand voice.

These social media marketing trends will help you stay on top of your game! After all, you want to provide the best experience for your customers and keep in touch with them.

For anyone in marketing, staying updated on the latest technologies and strategies is an integral part of the job. You must always be looking for new trends, tools, and strategies to gain a competitive edge.

But I know that it takes SO MUCH time of your day just to search for Digital Marketing Trends and strategies. Luckily, I GOT YOU – I have time, will, and enough patience to research all exciting marketing news and deliver them to you! Join the newsletter!

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    This was an informative post, I am trying to market on Facebook, so I think I should videos instead of pictures

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