3 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers

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As a freelancer, it might be hard separating work from your daily life. Structuring your plans, workload, self-care time can become way too overwhelming. Many have gone down the freelancer path and given us tips on how to keep up with it. As a reminder for myself and you guys, here are 3 productivity habits used by top freelancers!

Productivity Habit #1: DON’T keep a to-do list.

Yes, you read that right! You might call me crazy, but hear me out. Haven’t you ever written a to-do list, only to figure out that at least one of the tasks is a task from last week? A tip from top freelancers is to add your jobs directly to your calendar.

This way, you know exactly what time you’re going to do the task and what your day looks like. Is it a busy day? Do you have time to add one more task? Or do you have to make it more realistic and remove one task? All these questions will be MUCH easier to answer if you have a clue of what your day looks like.

Productivity Habit #2: Schedule your time using the three C’s

“What are the three C’s?!” you might ask. Well, these C’s stand for creative, collaborative, and connecting. Each day, you make space for the 3 C’s. Creative time is the time for you to think, write, and plan. Make sure to schedule this time when your brain is in its primetime, aka when you feel the most awake and energetic.

Collaborative time is the time designated for meetings, phone calls, and replying to your clients. If you’re on a freelancing website, this would be the perfect time to put into use your BEST customer service skills. Answer your clients’ questions and check if they need a custom offer.

Connecting, the best time of the day, in my humble opinion, is your time to recharge and take a breath of fresh air with friends and family. Find activities to do, unwind, go on a night out with your girlfriends. Basically, the moral of the story is to make the most out of the day and do anything your heart desires!

Productivity Habit #3: Target the right clients

As new freelancers, people might ask, “How do I get more customers?”

I was definitely not the person who asked that. Definitely not. Absolutely not.

Okay, maybe I did, BUT that’s not the point.  If constantly marketing myself taught me one thing, then it is this: Rather than focusing on getting more clients, focus on building trust with your current clients. Concentrating on your existing clients gives you more time for your projects.

This leads me to the next point in this tip: Spend less time trying to reach out to new clients and more time making high-quality content. While it isn’t too bad having many clients, it is definitely harder to keep up with. In this case, it will be harder to deliver quality content on time, affecting the relationship you have with them.

What are your top productivity tips? Let me know!

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12 Thoughts to “3 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers”

  1. good to schedule time – great topic

  2. This is great. I love the idea of the 3 C’s. I will remember this one. Thank you!

  3. My way of productivity is working for 25 min and taking a 5 mins break or else working for 45 mins and taking a 10 mins break. This is way it’s easy to do any task. Bdw I agree not making a to do list. You’ll end up doing just 2 things on your list.

    1. Exactly! I have heard so many great benefits of the 25/5 working rule (forgot the name) – need to try it!

  4. I loved the first point of to do list. I usually create a to do list but this is a great way of doing things. Will try it out.

    1. Honestly, there is a thrill to checking off boxes, but I have found myself less productive if I skip a box on my to-do list, and from there everything goes down lol

  5. These are great tips, though I have to say I am pro-to-do list. However, I also add everything to my calendar so I know what needs to know ASAP.

    1. Thank you! To-do lists are really good if you can actually follow them, so kudos to you! 🙂

  6. ”DON’T keep a to-do list”? Wow, that’s something new for me! But there really are some Pros and Cons!
    I really love your second tip! And overall, your post is very good made!
    Thanks for it!

    1. Thank you Sandra! The first tip is really quite controversial haha! But for me, it really works (and others who are pressured by checking off items of their list). I always get so stressed when I have a to-do list and that stress just leads to neglecting all of my tasks 🤷‍♀️

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