What Are Instagram Guides And Why You Need Them?

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As of the 17th of November, Instagram launched its newest feature – Instagram Guides. With this latest update, the social media platform aimed to make it easier for users to discover bundled content.  

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What is included in Instagram Guides?

As the name suggests – they are guides! It is a new way for brands to share recommendations, products and curate posts.

As of now, there are 3 categories that you can create:

  • Places – allows you to recommend places in a specific city
  • Products – allows you to recommend products (yours or others)
  • Posts – allows you to bundle your posts (or the ones you’ve saved) and create a theme

Why Does Your Brand Need To Start Using It?

Each category is aimed at easing your audience to find information easier and make story-telling more compelling.


Places are location-based recommendations. They are a great way to introduce new and popular places to your audience, such as travel guides, shops, cafes, hotels, etc.

They are especially handy for travel agencies, photographers, and travel/lifestyle influencers.


Products allow you to curate products that can be found in the Instagram Shop. You can choose to add your products or other brands. It an excellent way for brands to add more information about products and bundle them for convenience.

For example, posts can be used to curate a thread of Instagram posts (that you’ve created or saved) with custom headlines and commentary.

Furthermore, this new feature opens the doors to many brand ambassadors and influencers to partner easily with brands and promote their products.


With posts, you can create a theme to curate your posts or the ones you have saved. You can also provide more explanation under each post and add a headline.

It’s a great way to bundle tips, stories, advices, and how-to guides.

How do you make the Guides?

Once you are in your business profile, click on the “+” in the upper right corner. There you will see a button saying “Guides”. Click it and start creating!

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The next step is to choose one of the 3 categories (Places, Products, Posts) to suit your needs. Once you have selected a category is time to edit it – choose your favorite places, products, or posts, and add them to the guide.

You can add a headline and a comment after each new subject.

Once your guide is published, it will be located under your story highlights – where you feed, reels, IGTV, and tagged photos are.

You can share your guides on your stories and put them in your highlights (via Stories).

Guide Ideas

Here are a couple of ideas to get you working on your new guide:


The most photographic places in [X]

Cafes in town that you MUST try

The most instagrammable venues

What to do in [X]

Travel budget ideas

Travel ideas


Best gifts for her

Best Christmas gifts

Products that will help you become [X]

I can’t live without these products -> for influencers

Winter 2020 trendsetters




Top 5 resources on how to become a blogger

Tips on how to [X]

Favorite posts this week -> from your saves

Short stories about [X]

Self-care advice

Guide to [X]

Have you used Instagram Guides, or you planning to start using them?

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